Many people have contributed to the development of DarkLife. The main team comprises off:


Mark Busch

Mark Busch: Coder

Mark is one of the founders of DarkLife. Mark spends his days studying and working in The Netherlands and working on DarkLife. Tens of thousands of lines of code are built into DarkLife, and it’s all Mark’s work!

Crash Prefect: Lead Artist

Crash has developed the look and feel of DarkLife and pushes the technological edge to keep the game looking great. He works with other artists, such as Logan Bauer, to ensure the great new content keeps coming to the game. Crash is also an independent contractor, so if you have an art job for him, let him know!

Pirate CottonPirate Cotton: Marketing and Promotions

Pirate is the other original designer and developer of DarkLife and made most of the early buildings, monsters and items, hence the need to update them! Pirate acts as the main point of contact for press questions, organises the web page, flickr group, forums and whatnot as well as works with Crash, Logan and Mark to continue to design the game.

Logan Bauer: Artist

Logan is great!

Help Staff

We have some great help staff!


Tedd TigereyeTedd Tigereye: Artist

Tedd spent many hours assisting Pirate Cotton and Mark Busch before DarkLife first launched in Navora. He’s taking it easy since then, but we still see him drop past for a visit.