Yes, we’re back home in Navora! We managed to get a 1/4 of the sim pretty much done in response to the heavy lag we experienced over at Istaria Prime. You can turn up now and play! We will set up a facility to upgrade your packs (if you’re an old player) once more content is available for high levels. Until then, why not grab a new pack and try a different combination of skills and equipment. See you in DarkLife!


While we’re based in Istaria Prime we’re all going to have to put up with some lag unfortunately. There seems to be a ton of physics scripts running there and it’s slowing everything down a lot. But don’t worry players! We’re working hard and will have some parts of Navora up sooner than we expected so we can keep the game play fun and, more importantly, working!

Mark has some tips to reduce lag on a recent announcement thread he made on the forum. Please follow these if possible.

There’s a great new article on DarkLife on the Second Life Herald. Thanks for the kind words Heartun! Go have a read and post a comment if you feel inclined. It’s exciting to be back!

Fighting a monster DarkLife graveyard Fighting a boss rat

Check out these new screenshots of action in DarkLife! Lots of people were logging in and having some fun tonight. Hope to see you soon.

You can try out DarkLife 2 on ∞Istaria Prime right now. This is pretty much the full version of the game that will be launched on Navora in a little time. Simply click the link and your Second Life client will take you there. Look for the little town, drop down, and have a read of the documents there and pick up a backpack. If you get stuck, ask around, there’s always a friendly local to give you a hand. Check out the buildings, there’s people in there who want to sell you adventuring items!

A new flickr group for DarkLife has been created! Check out the group’s photos, join, and post some of your own of the fun stuff you get up to in-game. Chat with people there on the flickr discussion boards, or on the DarkLife forums. You should see pictures from the flickr group down the side of this page and they’ll constantly change as new pictures get added.

Hello and welcome to the new DarkLife web site. Mark has been busy working like a dog on the code, and Crash and Logan on the art and we’ve finally got working content on the ground and in Istaria Prime. For now, we’ll be closing the main island of Navora while we update it with all the new content and features, and just letting players enjoy a sample of the game on Istaria. Anyone can visit, buy a pack and start playing. Or (eventually), update an existing pack to the new code. On behalf of Mark, Crash, Logan and the moderator team, we hope you enjoy what we’ve built.