Guide Adapted from in-game documents.


Dark Life Quick Guide

Hello, welcome to DarkLife!!

DarkLife is a Multiplayer Role Playing Game in Second Life where you and your friends battle monsters for experience points, materials and gold. When you have collected enough experience points you level up and you can make your character stronger. The gold you find can be used to buy all sorts of items that improve your fighting capabilities: equipment, potions and magic spells. You can also find materials that can be used to enhance your equipment.


Where to find DarkLife?

DarkLife can be played at ∞Navora. Jump to the sim and then head to the little village. Click on the backpack sitting on a table outside and buy the pack. Equip all the items in the folder you get given. These are your newby sword and shield as well as the backpack that holds the game code. You’ll also find a HUD attachment that will give you a clickable interface for the game!


To see the help at any time just type ‘help’ when you are wearing the backpack. type ‘help manual’ to see this document.


  • To fight a monster, stand next and wait until the monster attacks or click on a monster once.
  • To fight using ‘blitz’ techniques, type blitz (or use the blitz button on the HUD, under the ‘commands’ tab)
  • Battle is turn based so don’t keep clicking!
  • When you killed a monster, click on his corpse to receive gold and other loot.
  • Some monsters might poison you or do other special effects. Watch out!
  • Team up with friends and work together to advance faster!


You can heal by typing ‘meditate’ or clicking on the meditate button in the command tab. Your will then start to regenerate health and mana. With meditation you can heal up to 50% of your Health and 33% of your mana. If you want to heal more and faster go to the town and stand next to the Healing Shrine. You can also heal in town by standing next to the glowing healing shrine or through a player casting White Magic on you.



If your Health reaches 0 you are wounded and cannot fight any further. You also lose a part of your EXP points of the EXP you gained for the current level. Walk to the town and stand next to the Healing Shrine to get healthy again and continue fighting!


In DarkLife we encourage team work. In your HUD you can find a button that you can click to start a team. You can then change your team name and team color, and invite other players to fight in your team through clicking the button and clicking on the player’s backpack. If someone else invites you, you will receive a notice and you can join or decline. In a team all loot (EXP, gold and materials) are shared equally. If you are not the creator of the team, you need to stay in range of the leader (creator) of the group to receive your cut of the share.

When you are playing in a team you receive a bonus on all loot, up to 40% for a team of 5 players (5 players is max)!

Levelling Up

When you get to the next level (you’ll receive a notice) you gain levelup-points. (type ‘exp’ or ‘stats’ to see them, or look in the HUD under the levelup tab). You can level up some stats with those points. To do so type:

levelup <statname> <amount>

for example:

levelup defense 2

Or use the HUD buttons to level up certain stats.

These are the stats you can levelup and what they do:

  • attack: increases attack power
  • defense: increases defense power
  • endurance: increases your maximum Health
  • intelligence: increases your maximum Mana (needed for spells)
  • dark magic: increases the power of your attacking magic
  • light magic: increases the power of your defensive magic
  • magic defense: increases your defense for enemy magic
  • speed: increases your success chance of blitz, and increases your attacks and defensive skills

Buying Stuff

If you find enough gold you can buy all sorts of stuff: Equipment, potions and spells. In the blacksmith is a salesman that will sell equipment. Click on him to buy something. He will tell you the price (in gold) and the requirements (if any) BEFORE you pay the gold.

To buy a magic spell just click on the book.

BE CAREFUL: your BASE-stat is used to check if you can handle the equipment and magic spells. That means the stat which is not altered by any other piece of equipment, spell or potion. Look at the second number after the stat when you type ‘stats’ to see the base-stat.

Using Potions

You can wear up to 6 potions at a time. You can buy potions or find them on monsters. Potions can heal you or regenerate your mana. To check which potions you have type ‘potions’ (or use the HUD button). If you have a potion called ‘potion heal’ you can use it by saying it’s name. You can use potions any time (unless wounded) during a fight, you do not need to wait for your turn. See section FRIEND TARGET for info on using potions on friends.

Using Magic

To learn a spell click on the book in the magic shop. Level up your ‘light magic’ to become more powerful with defensive spells, and level up your ‘dark magic’ to become more powerfull with offensive spells.

To see what scrolls and spells you have type ‘magics’
To use a magic spell type: magic <spellname>

To use offensive spells, first target a monster (see the red sign on your backpack) then type ‘magic <spellname>’ to cast that magic.

If you use defensive spells they are cast on to yourself, unless you have a friend targeted.

Friend Target

To help out a friend you can click his/her backpack.This lets you cast beneficial spells on your buddies You’ll see the green indicator on the backpack go on. If you use friendly magic or potions it will be used on your friend. If you only clicked once you will stop targeting your friend after 1 friendly action (easy for a quick help). If you plan to help your friend a lot you can target him permanent by clicking twice. Clicking your own backpack disables your friend target!

Materials, Upgrades, Blacksmith

If you find materials you can use them to upgrade your equipment. If you find ‘upgrade items’ you can apply them to a piece of equipment to make it even stronger. If your weapon gets damaged you can let it repair. For all these things go to the blacksmith in town and read the signs.

Join a DarkLife Player Group!

There are a few groups for you to join for fans of DarkLife – the most popular is ‘DarkLife Players’. Join and find people to play with, socialise and ask questions.

Good Luck!

If you are still unclear about the game talk to other players! If they can’t help, then please contact our moderators.

Please report any bugs, and feel free to give comments or suggestions!!!!