Wondering what the change to DarkLife v1 to DarkLife v2 will mean for you? Well, read on! Mark answers some questions:

Q: I am an existing player in Navora, could you please send me a free DL2 backpack?
A: No sorry, if you choose to play in Istaria Prime you have to buy a new backpack. You are free to wait until Navora is done, you can get a free backpack then, together with your old stats. Please consider buying a new backpack in Istaria Prime, by doing that you can obviously play our new release RIGHT NOW, and you also support DarkLife financially! (We can use that after the hacking and closed period!). Also, players who join now, or who roll over their backpack from the old DarkLife will be eligible to collect a special one-off DarkLife item!

Q: If I buy a backpack in Istaria Prime, can I still transfer my old stats when Navora opens?
A: Yes we’ll add the EXP from your old backpack to your new backpack if you played in Istaria Prime.

Q: What stats can we keep from Navora?
A: When we launch fully in Navora you will be able to keep your EXP points, and MAYBE a capped amount of gold. The value of gold will be diffrent in our new release, and as you might have noticed the economy of DL1 was not healthy anymore due to bugs in the piles of gold, the lack of high level items etc. etc. We do not want to transfer that bad economy to DL2. Your stats will also not be copied directly. Due to changes in the speed stats, all stats will set to default, and you will get everything back as levelup points.

Q: What stats can we keep from Istaria Prime?
A: Experience and gold.

Q: Can I use my old equipment from Navora in Istaria Prime.
A: No there have been many changes to the equipment, and we have made a new range of equipment for our new release. Your old equipment can no longer be used, neither in Istaria Prime, nor in Navora once it’s back up. We might give existing players a free ‘equipment pack’ when they transfer their stats from DL1 to DL2, but we haven’t worked out the details on that just yet.

Q: Can I use my equipment from Arcadia in Istaria Prime
A: Unfortunatly not, we added new security protocols in DL2. Nothing from Navora or Arcadia is compatable with the new version.

Q: What happens with the backpack from Istaria Prime when Navora opens?
A: The backpack from Istaria Prime is probably the same as we’ll use in Navora, so you can continue playing with it.

Q: Can you combine multiple backpacks from Navora/Istaria Prime/Arcadia
A: If you mean combining 2 backpacks from Navora, or 2 from Istaria etc. then: no. Only backpacks from different versions can be combined (because you were forced to start over).

Q: When is Navora done?
A: We have no idea, we’ll work as hard as we can!

Q: Will we be safe from hackers now?
A: Yeah we are confident that we did everything on our part to secure the new version. But important to know is that last hack attempt might have been caused by the permission bug that LindenLab introduced a while ago. This bug allowed possible hackers to read our scripts, and no matter how much security we put in, if LindenLab makes another bug like that again we might be screwed again. But don’t worry the chance of that happening again is very small. Also if it would happen anyway sometimes, we will just adjust our security parameters after the bug in SL is fixed, and we’re good to go again!

Q: Cool a new version, so… what has changed?
A: Well if we go into details it will be a VERY long list, but here is a small list, in order of importance:

  • Optimization: much less lag, and no more getting hurt 5 minutes after you stopped fighting.
  • HUD: we’ve added a very cool HUD (heads up display). It shows all kinds of information and can also be used to form groups.
  • Team function: Same idea as in DL1 with the leaderbadge, only difference is: this time it works, and you can see the health from team members on your HUD, and you’ll get a bonus up to 40% on gold, exp and materials when you work in a team!
  • New environments: Our graphics people have worked hard to create a specific style for DarkLife. Everything looks diffrent now and we hope you can enjoy the new environment!
  • Speed stat has changed: Speed will no longer make you fight faster, it will increase your attack and defenses now, and will increase your chance of a succesfull blitz. Note that most magic user will no longer have much use for the speed stat.
  • Blitz attack: suprise your opponents by using the ‘Blitz’ command! If your move succeeds you hit with double damage! The chance of success depends on your speed, and the speed of the opponent. (Hint: if your speed is higher you will have more then 50% chance of success, which makes blitz more effective as normal battle!) There are also monsters that use blitz attacks, having a high speed-stats will help you avoid most of these attacks!
  • New range of magic spells: Many many great new spells. New features have been implemented in the magic system. The visuals are very much improved, as well as the effects. ALL spells now increase in stength (and duration, for stat-alterting spells) when you levelup your magic stats! We also introduced long lasting spells, like Regen (regenerate) and Poision. There are even spells that effect multiple enemies!
  • Materials: When looting a corpse you can find materials. The Blacksmith can use these materials to make your equipment stronger!
  • Upgrade items: On rare occasions you might find upgrade items. The Blacksmith can apply this upgrade to your equipment: it will make it stronger, and also expand it’s limits on how far you can enhance it!
  • Material trader and salesman can buy and sell materials.
  • Damagable equipment: if you fight your sword slowly gets damaged, if you use dark magic your dark wand will get damaged, light magic will damage light wands. You can go to the blacksmith to have it repaired.
  • Boss monsters: Each monster now has a dangerous boss version! Who knows what they might drop when you slay them? But be carefull they are hard to kill and are able to use magic you’ve never seen before!
  • Customization: we increased the amount of customization you can do: add any sound and/or animation to a sword and it will use those when fighting instead of the default anim/sound! Also all equipment is now resizable.