Mark Busch, head coder dood, has promised a PvP tournament for teams of 2 on the 3rd of December. You can read more on the DarkLife Forums.


Navora DarkLife Airship battleAn airship has come to Navora, and instead of it being filled with the traditional bevy of happy fat traders, it’s covered in strange creatures! The poor crew must have been ambushed somewhere, and the airship had clearly been drifting for weeks before it’s trailing rope snagged itself in some trees. But don’t fear! Brave adventurers have climbed the rope to do battle with the beasties on board.

An idea we’ve been tossing back and forth is that of working up some CafePress type gear for DarkLife – perhaps throw in a logo or two from Second Life on the back? If you have an opinion, drop Pirate Cotton a message in game, or drop a comment here!

The issue is taken care of, if you still own a Light Magic Hat that gives a Dark Magic bonus, please send it to Mark Busch and it will be replaced!


Light magic hats are currently bugged – Mark is working to fix the issue. If you’ve bought a Light Magic hat recently, then please message Mark and he’ll get it fixed for you.

Yes, we’re back home in Navora! We managed to get a 1/4 of the sim pretty much done in response to the heavy lag we experienced over at Istaria Prime. You can turn up now and play! We will set up a facility to upgrade your packs (if you’re an old player) once more content is available for high levels. Until then, why not grab a new pack and try a different combination of skills and equipment. See you in DarkLife!

While we’re based in Istaria Prime we’re all going to have to put up with some lag unfortunately. There seems to be a ton of physics scripts running there and it’s slowing everything down a lot. But don’t worry players! We’re working hard and will have some parts of Navora up sooner than we expected so we can keep the game play fun and, more importantly, working!

Mark has some tips to reduce lag on a recent announcement thread he made on the forum. Please follow these if possible.

There’s a great new article on DarkLife on the Second Life Herald. Thanks for the kind words Heartun! Go have a read and post a comment if you feel inclined. It’s exciting to be back!

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