DarkLife is an MMORPG built into the world of Second Life. At it’s core the game is a simple hack and slash with a multiplayer component, and it’s built right into the world of Second Life. Players team up, bash monsters, gather gold, treasure and XP and develop their characters.

DarkLife is more than three years old and was founded back in late 2003 by players Pirate Cotton and Mark Busch, making it the oldest RPG in Second Life. Originally more of a thought experiment (to see if we could make something fun in Second Life), DarkLife evolved into a popular and unique game.

DarkLife was first to be found on the Darkwood sim, a fantasy themed sim with high quality builds. Eventually we out-grew Darkwood and moved to Navora with the help of player Sensual Casanova. She helped us get established, and soon we were able to stand on our own and run the island ourselves. Since then we’ve developed on and off as work and life takes its toll, but we’re pleased now to be able to release the second version of DarkLife! Currently playable on Istaria Prime, soon we’ll be back on a remodelled Navora and the adventure will continue!

Over the years, DarkLife has stood the test of time and continues to draw regular players to its unique (for Second Life!) content. Now, with DarkLife version 2 launching, it’s time for us to explore an exciting new world, and new depths of gameplay! Just log in to Second Life, head to ∞Navora and enjoy a new world of fun.

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